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What our clients say
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"Amazing service, Antoinette is very professional and I felt ease with her from day one, she has helped me to look within and that was a major step forward for me. I also agree with the other review,


Antoinette offers flexibility which is important for people with busy lives. I highly recommend"

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"Antoinette was really great, she has a great outlook, very cheerful and uplifting."

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"When I first came to Antoinette I was suffering with anxiety and anger.  I never felt judged or pressured. Antoinette gave me time to talk about things when I felt comfortable. Antoinette taught me different techniques about managing my problems. 

My life has now changed and  I feel I can handle my anxiety much better with all the techniques I have learned."

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"I found voicing my thoughts and fears made them smaller and more manageable. Talking with someone non -judgmental helped me sort through my thoughts and feelings and helped me feel less alone. 

Becoming more self-aware, something i'd never before has been beneficial and exhausting in a good way!

I'm very glad I started this journey and hope to build on what i've learned"

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"Attended the self-care workshop, would definitely like to do it again.


In the limited time Antoinette gave everyone their time to speak. 

Antoinette came across as really understanding of the issues, very empathetic and I would highly recommend"

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"I found that Antoinette was really encouraging, patient and understanding, she guided me through the CBT process in manageable steps.


Having suffered from the effects of shyness, social anxiety and bullying since I was a child, I now see social situations more as opportunities and I'm amazed at what I have achieved during the process"

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"Shows true professionalism and demonstrates amazing outcomes from her work!


Would highly recommend to anyone!"

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"Took part in the Selfcare for Carers workshop and it was absolutely fantastic. Great handouts were given too so we can develop on the stuff we learned ourselves. It was a good balance of information and discussion. Only complaint is I want more!! It was so useful and de-stressing that regular sessions would be invaluable to carers."

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